How to Create Email Accounts and Check WebMail

Please do the following steps to create email accounts and check your emaila using Webmail.� You can also use the eTextMail at your domain if you are interested in getting your Emails as SMS on your phone.
Emails should have strong passwords - Utiware recommends using the Strong Password Generator Website at to generate strong passwords that are hard to hack

(a) Log into your� Control Panel� Or (please use the one that applies to your hosting account )
(b) Check the "POP/IMAP Email" select "Accounts icon"
(c) Click on "Create Mail Account" button
(d) Follow the instructions on the screen to create your emails.
(e) After creating your emails, you can check your WebMail by visiting the Webmail and eTextMail pages of your domain.� In the following addresses, please replace ""with your real Domain Name.

WebMail Login Page: or


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