How to Create and Use MySQL Database

The following instructions tells you how to create a MySQL Database and MySQL Username to be used for your web application.

Please note that you will not be able to directly upload or create your database. Also, your application MUST be running in your web hosting space on our Web Hosting Server to be able to connect to your MySql database. Your application cannot connect from a remote location or from home to your MySql database.

Below is what you need to do in order to get your MySQL database to be on your hosting plan.

  1. First, use your Control Panel to create the MySQL database. Your Control Panel is at
  2. Next, create the MySQL user name for and link it to the MySQL database (make sure that your user name is attached to your database).
  3. Very Important: Use Firefox Web Browser (not Internet Explorer) to Log into your database using phpMyAdmin at:
  5. Create your tables and load your data to your database.
  6. Your database is now on our server and ready to be used by your application.

Use the same MySQL Username and Password to connect your application to your MySQL Database. After uploading your application to your Web Hosting Space, your application should connect to your MySQL using localhost as the MySQL Host Address.

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