How to Transfer or Move a Domain To Utiware Web Hosting

We will be very happy to guide in the process of transferring your domain to Utiware.  To transfer a domain, you first need to place an order for a Web Hosting Plan, and in the order form, please select the option for "I want to transfer my domain to Utiware Web Hosting" on the domain registration page.

Our ordering page is:

After you have made your payment, your account will be activated and Utiware can start the domain transfer. There are two general options that are available to you. We will not know the one that apply to your domain until we know the domain that you want to transfer.  Please tell us (send a Support Ticket) your domain name so that we can look it up.

(1) Domain Transfer Option:  You should immediately request of our previous Host to provide you with the "EPP Code" of your domain.  The "EPP Code" is a secret code for your domain that we need to transfer your domain from your current Host to Utiware.  So please request for your "EPP Code" ASAP so that you can gain transfer control of your domain name.  Utiware needs the EPP Code of your domain to begin the domain transfer process.

When we use the EPP code to initiate the transfer, you or the admin of that domain must approve the transfer by clicking on a link that will be provided in a email to the admin of the domain.  If the admin clicks on the approval link immediately after the email is sent, then the domain name transfer can be completed in 1 or 2 days.  So the sooner the admin approves the transfer the sooner the domain is transferred. If the admin never checks his email in 5 days to approve the transfer, then the domain name will not be transferred, and the whole domain name transfer process will need to be repeated again.

(2) Domain Movement Option: If your previous web hosting company registered your domain at the same public domain registrar that Utiware also uses, then you will need to have them simply move the domain name to Utiware.  This "Domain Name Account" movement can be completed in 1 day.  As such there is no need for formal domain name transfers, but instead just a domain name account movement is needed for you to host your domain on our Web Hosting Servers.


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