Set up Mac mail with IMAP

Follow these steps to set up Apple Mail to sync with SmarterMail via IMAP :

  1. On your Mac, open System Preferences.
  2. Click Internet Accounts.
  3. Click Add Other Account...
  4. Select Add a Mail account and click Create
  5. Complete the display name, full email address and password fields.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Type the root URL to your SmarterMail webmail. For example,
  8. Click Next.
  9. For the Incoming Mail Server options select the IMAP for account type. Complete the required filed : Incoming Mail Server, User name (full email address), and Password
  10. Click Continue
  11. If you receive an message stating "cannot sent your password securely to the server" click Continue
  12. For the Outgoing Mail server options fill in the required files: Outloging Mail server and if you require SMTP authentication click Use Authentication and fill in with full email address and password
  13. Click Continue
  14. You will see an account summary page and now click Create

Mac Mail is now set up to send and receive emails using IMAP.

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