How To - Configuring your BlackBerry for Smartermail POP/IMAP Email Accounts

1. Select the Setup icon on your Blackberry (If the icon is not visible, you may need to press the Menu button and select Show All)
2. Select the Email Settings icon

3. Choose to Add a new email account

4. Select Other as the type of account

5. Enter your email address and password for your SmarterMail account

E-mail Address:
Password: Your email Password
Confirm Password: Your email Password

6. Choose Submit or Next.

7. Enter the following:

E-mail Server:

8. Choose Submit.

9. Once the BIS system setups the account, you will get a message stating that the account has been successfully added.

10. A new icon will be create on your Blackberry menu for the new account. You will receive Activation email once the account is completely configured. Please note that it may take up to 20 minutes for the Service Books to update on the Blackberry.

Note: replace "" with your real domain name


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